1. Mosaic

From the recording Mosaic

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Sometimes what you are feels like so many things
A million stories glued together into a mosaic that resembles a great work of art
Or at least what aspires to be
An aspiration that remains stubbornly in place
Regardless of the number of times you have to piece yourself back together

Maybe over time it becomes something you don't even recognize
A piece of art fused together over and over from fragments
An imperfect presentation of skin and bones, movement and energy, ambiguities and Contradictions
An intriguing mishmash of choreographed and improvised music

All of the things we try to be
All of the things we try to do
All of the thoughts that create the music inside us
A quaquaversal outpouring of mind, body and spirit

Simultaneously fueling us and depleting us
A train of vitality speeding towards destinations
That encompass mini universes of disparate harmonies
Searching for resolution

One thought goes here, one in the opposite direction
One into the future, one back to the past
One on the magpie perched along the winding boulevard of hope
Our scattered insides answering the tango of life
With the multi-hued spontaneous melodies of our being

Constantly turning this way and that
Haphazardly toiling to assemble bits of bravery
To shape the surges of life coming at us
Guided by the tug of war emanating from our internal satellite
As it attempts to weave our heart's deepest desires
With the ever-evolving energies of life and our response to it

A beacon endeavoring to steer us in the right direction
But sometimes the lines of communication are down
Or we become overly focused on chasing the autopiloted commands of our egos
Instead of allowing the melody of our most vibrant dreams to navigate us

Or when our well-intentioned GPS misses the road closed sign
And we find ourselves barreling through the bumpiest most untraveled routes
When we are least prepared

Sometimes our sky simply notices the song the moon is playing and
Momentarily we are set adrift in the closest state of being to what life is truly about
And as we take steps forward, our destination is often well-defined one minute, then nebulous the next
Ambivalence the most reliable blueprint we have to follow
Providing an easy target for unplanned obligations and
Handsome distractions to come in and cause minor deviations
That over time land us in a completely different star system
Than the one we had hoped to find at the beginning of our journey

Doubts embellishing our dreams
Fears toying with our ambitions
Temptations smooth talking our good intentions
Sometimes in the span of a few heartbeats
As we surrender to the comfortable routines
That give our vulnerabilities a soft place to land

To think that the steps we've taken to reach this moment are written in permanent ink
Yet where we go next, what our path could look like from this point onward
What our mosaic might become
That is infinite