1. Scattered Hope

From the recordings Beautiful Things and Scattered Hope

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Scattered Hope

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Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Lendino


There is beauty in brokenness. A kind of beauty that's hard to see, a breed of beauty that lives behind tears, that vibrates like the melody of a pleading violin in the wake of harsh words, that hides quietly under the heaviness of anger, and hibernates patiently in a lonely cave when the chill of doubted self-worth hijacks our thoughts, a shade of beauty that finds a corner where it can softy slip its colors behind when chaos overflows, and all the details of existence saturate our hearts until they can’t absorb another molecule of feeling, but still we search for meaning, meaning that lives under the surface of our interactions, both trivial and significant, and intentions both irrational and wise, meaning which feels invisible from the jumbled vantage point at which we perceive life. And woven through our search is a current of forgiveness and compassion and it flows from the crevices of all the broken fragments that in whole make up our life, simultaneously burdened by the hand life doles out while heroic in our efforts to nurture it, I don’t know if it is courage or insanity the way we fasten our souls to the hope scattered inside our inner worlds, but I do know that it is beautiful.