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A Million Pieces

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You turned me into a poetess
With a love I can only express
Through music and letters and artistic endeavors
And things I won’t confess

A little piece of forever
Was that too much to ask?
But we all know the answer
And that is that love doesn’t always last

But how could you not see me?
And how could you not feel me break?
into a million pieces
a million pieces

The heart’s not an organ that knows
When it’s time to move on and let go
It beats for tomorrow and dances to sorrow
While the head screams no

But how I wish you’d understand
But I will never force my hand
I’ll remain a million pieces
a million pieces

All the oceans and the deserts
And all the lonely places where wounds go to hide
But life doesn’t spare and cupid’s arrow doesn’t care
Where it lands or who it hurts or what hearts are compromised

If you're listening up above
Can you restore what I once was?
From a million pieces
a million pieces