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What in the world have I gotten myself into
The spell you’ve cast I can’t even begin to
Unravel the knots, all hope might be lost

The sun has set and the ocean waves are calling
But the depths I’ve felt I'm left me only with this longing
For a way to escape, your drowning embrace

Some people have love like the colors of a rainbow
Neon lights and sunsets divine
I long for a palette of colors like VanGogh used
But you’ve got me….
You’ve got me colored in blue
You’ve got me colored in blue

My mind know that this union should be ending
But my heart can’t stop relentlessly defending
A coveted prize that could be its demise

Caught up in a moment
I landed in uncharted territory
Chances that were so easy to take
With you just seemed way to risky
Well one misstep
and I’m sure to fall
Into the abyss
of your love’s call