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  1. Lottery
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If you only had one wish
What would that be?
Protect the world and the innocent
Or please rescue me
If you could talk to angels
What would you say?
Find me the fastest ship
So I can sail away

Is there a rhyme or reason for the things that I’ve seen?
Or is it just a lottery

Verse 2:
Always rushing to reach the top to find an easier way
But all it does is cover our eyes with a false security
We’ll leave this world in ruins, believing there is no other way
And won’t think twice about discarding what we cherished yesterday

Is there a remedy?
For these messes that we’ve made
Or is it in the hands of fate

We’ve made this bed and now it’s time to sleep
We’ve made this prison and now there’s no escape
When the tides turn, there’s no turning back

Verse 3:
If you had the power to change the world
It’s save yourself and don’t look back cause it’s not your problem now
So you say you can sleep at night
You could, look yourself in the face
Cause somehow you can justify all the wrong turns you’ve made

Cause there’s no rhyme or reason
For anything
It’s just a lottery